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Welcome to my Pentax page. I have long been a fan of Pentax using their camera equipment as early as 1973. I have always liked the design and feel of Pentax cameras as well as their outstanding image quality. Since the days of film I have owned at one time or another several Pentax classics including a Spotmatic, a couple of K1000's, and a 6X7.

I currently use the K5 and K5IIs digital slr camera bodies along with a sizable assortment of Pentax Lenses as well as a couple of Sigma PK mount lenses. When it comes to compact gear I use the MX1 and on occasion the waterproof W60. The commitment to tradition, weatherproof construction, durability, outstanding optics, intuitive menu and function controls along with the outstanding image quality, continue to attract me to the Ricoh Pentax line of photo gear.

I have traveled to Europe, the Caribbean, and many places in the US and have taken my Pentax camera gear every step of the way. Whether it's a professional application or one of personal artistic enjoyment, I have trusted Pentax to capture all my images and continue to do so today. The combination of a K5IIs body along with a Sigma PK mount 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 lens and Pentax AF-360-FGZ speed light is my go to set up for my professional real estate shoots.

The Pentax Photo Gallery showcases the photographic capabilities of their gear from every level and aspect of photography and I am honored to be included among the fine photographers which this site represents.
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