Welcome to FAS Photo – photography by Frank Sollecito. A collection of real estate, wildlife, nature, landscape, travel and street photography, as well as a special collection of images published in the Pentax Photo Gallery and the home of the FAS Photo Blog Page.

I have been capturing images for over 40 years and have experienced the evolution from film to digital. This evolution to digital photography has changed the face of capturing, editing and printing images, allowing unlimited possibilities.

As photographic technology continues to evolve it ever expands my style and vision. Whether shooting portraits, real estate, landscapes, or candid street scenes, one thing is certain, I continue to see new and familiar subjects in a whole new light.

In using elements such as color, contrast, tone, direction of light, timing and overall basic composition to affect the impact of the final image, I bring my vision to the present moment. Whether it is a meditative landscape image or someone going about their way in Central Park, I always try to envision the moment.

Please browse thru the collection of my images hosted on this site as well as a special collections of images hosted on the Pentax Photo Gallery by visiting my Pentax Stuff page. Also please click on the link to my blog page where I post images and short articles about some of my favorite places to capture images.